Bathroom Fixtures

When it comes to a professional bathroom remodeling project there are 2 main factors: Labor and Materials. Many contractors walk a fine line trying to cut down on costs by skimping on one or the other, we don’t. Utilizing quality materials is essential to a bathroom that will last for many years to come. Trading out quality for cheaper fixtures is something that might look great when completed, but in 6 months the regret comes: cracked plastic, discolored aluminum, reduced water flow… all common to box store cheap fixtures.

Professional Remodelers Use Quality Materials

We have sourced out companies that employ the same elective of high quality that we have become known for. The products and materials we prefer to use are made in America with a warranty to back up the product. We avoid box store, Chinese knockoff, products that look shiny when installed but quickly become the leading cause of a customer’s dissatisfaction.

We offer a full line of premium products to complete your bathroom remodeling project with ease. Our quality lineup includes stainless steel kitchen sinks, cultured marble bathroom vanity tops, and beautiful bathroom sinks & toilets.

Quality Stainless Steel Sinks

We are pleased to offer a full range of high-quality stainless steel sinks. Options include top mount and undermount sinks in double and single bowl. Stainless bar sinks are also available in top mount and undermount options. Click Here to see some of our Stainless Steel Sink options.

Marble Vanity Tops

Cultured marble bathroom vanity tops are a great way to get the look and feel of granite without paying the price. Custom measured and installed, our cultured marble tops include integrated backsplashes, recessed bowls, and non-drip edges. Click Here to see some of our Marble Vanity Top options.

Vitreous Sinks & Toilets

We offer a full line of premium, high-quality vitreous bathroom fixtures. This includes toilets, pedestal sinks, top mount bowls, and undermount bowls. All of these premium products feature a durable glazed finish for lasting use. Click Here to see some of our Vitreous Sink & Toilet options.

Shower Heads and Faucets

The Professional Series of Shower Heads and Faucets we utilize are simply unmatched in the industry for durability, functionality and appearance. Available in different color tones and metals the Professional Series of Shower Heads and Faucets allows us to match the style and appearance of any bathroom design you choose, without sacrificing quality.