Bathroom Shower

Walk-In Showers are an excellent choice for an affordable bathroom remodeling solution

Whether you are looking for an affordable bathroom update or part of a complete bathroom remodeling project, walk-in showers are a great option. While for some applications bathtubs and bathtub enclosures have their purpose, many design trends are taking advantage of the space saving and esthetic options walk-in shows offer.  

Are You Looking For A Safer Shower Solution?

A Bathtub to shower conversion is the perfect choice when looking for an affordable bathroom solution that provides safety and convenience. When upgrading from your existing bathtub to a more spacious shower you eliminate the need to step in and out of a bathtub, especially individuals who are elderly, handicapped or may suffer from mobility issues.

The Open, Spacious Option

For many bathrooms, space is a premium. The bathroom tub, next to the vanity, is the largest fixture in your bathroom setting. A walk-in shower offers the opportunity to have the convenience of a shower but style it to provide a more open, spacious appeal. When the room is available the walk-in shower with an antique tub design makes for an esthetical blend of old and new that will surely increase the Wow! for you and your guests.