Are you a Licensed General Contractor?

Great Question, Yes.

Who supplies your materials?

We can use your paint, fixtures and other materials if you choose or we recommend utilizing from our suppliers. We only use top brand materials with proven track record. (Note: use of customer supplied materials may effect the warranty, especially if the supplied materials are from known manufactures that produce substandard materials.)

What can I do if I am not happy with the bathroom remodel?

First, we naturally try to avoid this with a comprehensive discussion before the bathroom remodeling job begins: inspections, prepwork and understanding of your goals are primary to avoid dissatisfaction. However, IF you feel that we have not completed the job correctly… talk to us, let us know what needs attention an allow us to make it right. Bathrooms and More! offers a technical inspection service that will make a detailed inspection and point out any important issues. You may use this report to resolve the dispute either in face-to-face discussions or as evidence at a legal hearing.

How long should the bathroom paint job last?

A quality paint job should last for years. Paints will last differently depending on exposure to the elements and what it is painted on (ie. brick, plaster, vinyl, wood). Generally most exterior paints will last on average 7 – 10 years. The minimum durability is 3 years for interior finishes. To extend the life and look of paint is proper surface prep, quality materials and proper application.

There is a wide variation in the bathroom remodeling quotes/bids I have received, why?

Bids come down to materials, labor and the size of the job… we all bid the same way. Some contractors cut corners on materials and labor explaining why their bids are low.. others cut overhead costs by not being properly licensed and insured. The old adage that you get what you pay for is actually true. Choosing a low-bid or negotiating a lower rate may make the job cheaper, but it forces the contractor to cut done under budget… costing you more in the long run.

What should I look for when hiring a painting contractor?

A Bathroom Remodel is a sound investment for your home. From a simple repair to major construction you should know that a cheap price usually means cheap work. We are Affordable… which simply means we give you a fair, honest price for quality and workmanship. If someone is cheaper… it might be because they are cutting corners or using poor materials. Cover the basics: references, insurance, reputation… ask questions… There are alot of choices and not all are the same. Our experience has allowed us see some of the tricks the competition is playing… and many times… we end up fixing their short cuts.

If I show you a picture can you build it?

Sure, depending on what the picture is of… I mean we can build the bathroom in the White House, but it might be a little pricey.. but seriously if you do have a picture that makes it much easier on both of us.

Can you work for Custom Builders?

Yes we do. We offer our services to other contractors that need a quality bathroom remodeling job done.

Will you help design and pick colors for me?

Naturally. As part of the process our estimator/ owner will go over color, style and materials selections to make sure you are happy.

Is Bathrooms and More! Licensed & Bonded?


Do you have a Warranty?


Yes! We believe in our workmanship so much that we offer a 1 year workmanship warranty. Be sure to speak to your estimator about the warranty details.

As with all new installations we offer our 1 year warranty; however when customer materials are utilized we can only warranty our workmanship. If a repair is needed because of material defects, additional charges may be needed and in some cases can be reimbursed through the manufacturer.

What makes Bathrooms and More! different?

Our business model starts with building a relationship. The owner makes a personal visit to speak about your needs and provides an estimate and options. You will see what makes us different then as we do things the old fashioned way, treating all our customers with respect. From prep to the clean-up we keep our customers informed. The rest… well you have to see to believe..