Granite is an elegant, timeless and durable option

Bathrooms and More offers our customers hassle-free options for granite bathroom vanity tops. Our standard granite is available in six colors and all tops feature eased edges, 4” backsplashes, a durable polished surface and all are professionally installed. Coordinating side splashes are also available for all tops.

This incredibly durable option brings a beautiful accent to your bathroom remodel and certainly lends a touch of elegance and style. We also work with custom granite slab options where standard granite manufacturing is not a viable solution. For these situations the size of the granite is meticulously measured, then hand selected from the granite mill.

Because granite is a natural stone, imperfections are common in larger slabs and requires an expert hand at selection segments that fit the size application. The granite is them mill refined to our specifications for installation.

Quartz is a Cost-effective Option

For some bathroom remodeling projects in the Spring Hill TN area the design calls for a large surface area for the vanities. For those budget minded customers, quartz countertops are great solution. When professionally styled by Bathrooms and More a properly shaped quartz countertop will look fantastic in just about every build setting. Because quartz countertops are manufactured, they have no need of hand selection as seen with quartz, therefore helping to control the price. With many quartz options available in color, tone and design it really does open the options for your bathroom remodeling project.

Quartz countertops used in our bathroom remodeling projects are made with a process of 87% to 93% quartz with the balance being resin and coloring. This combination makes quartz, in many cases, more rigid and stronger than stone or marble. Quartz countertops can provide the flexibility of utilizing a thinner slab, depending on the application, without losing its durability. Quartz countertops are cut and shaped with the same tools that are utilized for granite and marble, so no specialty tools are needed to work with the quartz countertop material.