When many consider the intimidating circumstances of a remodeling project it can naturally produce some stress. Finding a designer, general contractor, permits, plumber, carpenter, electrician, choosing materials… You can see why a remodeling project can be so intimidating. However, at Bathrooms and More we make the remodeling Path and easy step-by-step process to turn your stress into satisfaction.

Look for motivation

When considering a remodeling project a good place to start is to see what others have done. Check out Google images, magazines, Pinterest and even friends who have had remodeling projects done. Put together a list of the things that you like and dislike about each of these projects. This is also a good time to start considering your budget. (Don’t lock yourself down to a price, just start to put some basic numbers together of anticipated costs) By taking a little time and developing a general idea of what it is that you’re looking for, it will make the rest of the remodeling project much easier.


Meet with one of our remodeling project design experts

The Bathrooms and More  project design experts can help take your ideas and begin to transform them into reality. They’re going to ask a large variety of questions to make sure that they completely understand your remodeling project goals. They’ll also help provide you with information that you may have not considered so that you completely understand your remodeling project process.

Things to bring with you to your meeting:

  • Pictures of other remodeling projects that you liked
  • Any sketches that you may have made about your project
  • A list of goals and functionality that your wanting to see in your project
  • Some basic measurements would be really good as well

Determine your finances

Remember before we mentioned to establish a basic budget, but now after you’ve met with the project design experts at Bathrooms and More they would have been able to put some dollar figures to associate to your budget. Cash flow through either a mortgage, home improvement loan or credit card will be important to help keep the remodeling project moving forward.


It’s time to meet your remodeling specialist

This important meeting is in your home to review the details of the remodeling project. Measurements will be made and an inspection of the project area to make sure that, what was put together, will work properly. Refinements and adjustments will be made at this point along with any additional recommendations that may be discovered during this session. A final design quote will be provided along with a timetable for the different phases of the remodeling project as well as an estimated completion time.


Plan ahead

For some remodeling projects there may be large sections of time that passed between phases. For example: during kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects these areas may not be accessible or usable for extended periods of time. By planning ahead you can help keep from your home being completely out of sorts during larger remodeling projects.




Don’t worry, we’ve got this…

Once the design, planning and budgeting have all been done it’s time to get started on your project. The project coordinator will keep you well informed as to scheduling, materials delivery and need for access for the different phases of the remodeling project. If anything should change from the original plan, you will be immediately notified with recommendations for changes in estimate with a full description and reasons why. All of our estimates and projects include demolition, installation, inspections, materials, labor, permitting and final cleanup. Before we finalize any remodeling project that we perform we do a detailed walk-through with you to make sure you are 100% satisfied before we can ever call the project complete.


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